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Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan provides the best construction and installation techniques.
Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan can customize a green to suit any space.
We can replicate any of your favorite golf holes to almost exact specifications, scaled to fit your lawn, because we work with Nicklaus Design! Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan will bring your home golf experience to reality!


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One great way to get in the practice time you need is to have us install a putting green at your home. Our experience, attention to detail and excellent quality synthetic grass and artificial turf products combine to give you an unbeatable green!Synthetic grass is a phenomenal way for a pet service company to set itself apart from the competition. You'll give current and future clients the confidence and peace of mind of knowing your business reflects the same care and attention to detail their pets will experience.Are you thinking of installing artificial turf and grass for your home or commercial yard? If so, we have the product for you. Contact us today to get your turf and grass installed.