Blenheim Golf Club

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Director(s): Todd & Michelle Grondin(519) 890-3332553 Estate ParkTecumseh, ON, CanadaN8N 3C5

Located less than 5km from downtown Blenheim on Highway 3,Blenheim Golf Course offers one of the region’s premier golf experiences.With water in play on 13 of Blenheim’s 18-hole course design,Blenheim Golf Course presents a blend of challenges and playability for both the experienced and novice golfer.Founded and opened in 1967 after two years of planning,Blenheim Golf Course now features mature trees and meticulously kept greens.Blenheim Golf Course also offers a full menu and banquet facilities in the 11,000 square foot clubhouse,which was constructed in 2000.



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439 Chatham Street South
Blenheim, ON, Canada
N0P 1A0

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TeesBlack / GoldBlueWhiteRed

Front Nine

Hole 1
Blue469 yards
White451 yards
Red437 yards
A beautiful par five guarded by fairway bunkers,water to the right side of the fairway and green side bunkers.You’ll want to favour the left hand side of the fairway with your tee shot,which will set up your second and third shots directly at the pin.

Hole 2
Blue374 yards
White358 yards
Red338 yards
This hole demands a straight tee shot to insure an open second shot to an undulated green as there are woods to the left and a bunker that catches tee shots that stray to the right.

Hole 3
Blue330 yards
White317 yards
Red235 yards
Grip it and rip it!!This wide-open par four with a pond 160 yards out gives everyone an opportunity to let the big dog eat,as there is very little trouble with a wide fairway.A mid to short iron will be needed for your second shot.

Hole 4
Blue338 yards
White325 yards
Red319 yards
Irons away!!!This is a placement par four which demands an accurate tee shot as there is a left fairway bunker followed by a large pond and tree trouble on the right and another fairway bunker.The longer players might elect to use a driver and hit over the pond in between the fairway bunkers;but all I have to say is,“You’d better catch it solid.”

Hole 5
Blue143 yards
White130 yards
Red117 yards
An average size par 3 surrounded by traps and moundings behind the green.This tricky little hole features a large green with many subtle breaks.

Hole 6
Blue477 yards
White458 yards
Red387 yards
The second of four par fives.This hole is a 90-degree dogleg left requiring a straight tee shot as there is out of bounds left and tree trouble right.Longer players may try to cut the comer with their second shot in an attempt to hit the green,but one must not forget about the out of bounds all the way down the left side,followed by the two bunkers that are guarding the front and right side of the large green.

Hole 7
Blue387 yards
White375 yards
Red357 yards
A beautiful par four!!!Out of bounds left and trouble to the right demands a perfectly straight tee shot.But that’s not all.This number one handicap hole has a fairway bunker followed by a right greenside bunker which is accompanied by a very tricky and undulating green.Good luck with this one.

Hole 8
Blue304 yards
White258 yards
Red249 yards
A short but tricky par four requires a tee shot that must land in the fairway if you want any chance to hold this very undulated green.This hole also features a fairway and green side bunker.Don’t take this hole for granted as trouble can be found for the wary.

Hole 9
Blue196 yards
White165 yards
Red93 yards
A tough front nine closer especially from the back tees.This up hill par three is well surrounded by greenside bunkers with the only opening directly in front of the green.It becomes a”must go”straight off the tee as a left or right shot makes for a tough par.


Back Nine

Hole 10
Blue500 yards
White472 yards
Red440 yards
A straight away par five to start the back nine to help get a birdie back.This hole is tree lined both left and right but there is lots of room for your tee shot.If you can get home in two,there is a creek near the lay up position that you will want to be aware of The large green is up hill and well guarded by large bunkers.

Hole 11
Blue195 yards
White179 yards
Red137 yards
Jail!!!!This long par three absolutely demands a straight tee shot as the entire green is surrounded by woods.The green is elevated and slopes from back to front posing many difficult pin positions.For many players your“bail out”will be to hit a shot just short of the green and try to get up and down from there.If not,I hope you brought your“get-out-of-jail-free card”.

Hole 12
Blue416 yards
White389 yards
Red308 yards
Two options;either lay up short of the creek or carry the water which is a 223 yard carry from the white plate.The small creek has a tendency to catch many players’golf balls.The massive green can set you up for a three putt if you do not pay attention to the pin placement.

Hole 13
Blue534 yards
White512 yards
Red429 yards
The longest of all the par fives on the course.This hole is a slight dogleg to the left with a lot of trouble to boot—–tree lined on the left side and a fairway bunker guarding the right.A good drive is needed to put your second shot in good position to set up your third shot to the valley green that is guarded by a pond in front and traps to the left and to the right.Don’t be short on your approach shot!!!

Hole 14
Blue397 yards
White379 yards
Red291 yards
“I hope you didn't bring your slice to this hole;if you did,you could be in for a BIG number!!”Tree lined on left and bunker and out-of-bounds right calls for a good tee shot The green is large with a bunker to the right and mounding surrounding the green.

Hole 15
Blue367 yards
White348 yards
Red335 yards
Blenheim Golf Club’s signature hole.This picturesque hole offers beauty and playability.Tree lined left and out of bounds right.You will want to favour the left hand side of the fairway as the hole bends slightly to the right.Before you pull out the driver you might want to check the yardage,as there is a small creek that measures 259 yards from the white plate.This might become a factor for some of the longer players.The green has left and right bunkers around the long narrow green all surrounded by woods.

Hole 16
Blue133 yards
White106 yards
Red92 yards
Short but tricky.The par three has bunkers in front and behind its large green.This green has three putts written all over it,and for many people the green size is very deceiving from the view at the tee.

Hole 17
Blue372 yards
White343 yards
Red325 yards
Boom!!!Out of the chute you will want to hit your drive perfectly straight.With out of bounds right you will want to favour the left side of the fairway.For your second shot you will be staring at a very undulated,uphill green offering many putting challenges.

Hole 18
Blue389 yards
White345 yards
Red329 yards
Again it is decision time as you are preparing to finish your round.You know what they say,“No guts,no glory!!”To clear the creek you must carry your drive 225 yards from the white plate.For your second shot you will be looking at a treacherous green that slopes from back to front.If you do not get it half way back on the green,the ball will simply roll off the front slope of the green.If that is not enough to contend with,you must be conscious of the large bunker that guards the front left of the green.