Ambassador Golf Club


Director(s): Todd & Michelle Grondin(519) 890-3332553 Estate ParkTecumseh, ON, CanadaN8N 3C5

Ambassador Golf Club is the premier public golf club in Essex County.The golf course was designed by renowned golf course architect Thomas McBroom.McBroom has left an indelible imprint on the Canadian golf landscape by masterfully creating over 65 signature courses,with many of them ranked amongst the top in Canada.Ambassador Golf Club is a par 71 public golf course that has already been acknowledged by leading golf writers from across the country.The course opened in 2005 and was nominated as the"Best New Course"in Canada(Golf Digest)and Ontario(OG Magazine).In that same year,Ambassador was rated as one of the"Top 15 Best Golf Values"in the province by Ontario Golf Magazine."Ambassador sets a new stand for public golf..."OG Magazine"This might be the best conditioned course in Southwestern Ontario, ...including the private courses..."London Free Press In 2007,Ambassador Golf Club was ranked as one the"Top 25 Places That You Can Play"in Ontario.In 2008,the club was named as the#1"Best Bang For The Buck"in Ontario by OG Magazine.



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Championship - Directions




Front Nine


You are about to discover the beautiful design of each hole at Ambassador Golf Club.Thomas McBroom with his unique design skills and eye for the spectacular,has created a work of art at Ambassador.Already recognized throughout the province as one of the top places to play,Ambassador is not only setting the standard in the Southwestern Ontario region for service and value,but also for the spectacular conditions of the course.Ambassador was designed with the walking golfer in mind.Short distances between green and tee make for a wonderful walking experience of the golf course.A wide variety of tee complexes make Ambassador playable for all skill levels as well.The course will stretch out to 7033 yards from it's championship tees,offering even the most seasoned player a true test of golf.Other tees offer a great golf experience for everyone.

Hole 1
Black363 yards
Gold347 yards
Pewter318 yards
Ivory296 yards
The first hole is just the beginning of your incredible experience.After a great warm-up on the range,your first shot of the day is not a pressure packed one.This shorter par 4 features fescue lined fairways and bunkers guarding the left side.There is a tall mature tree and a bunker situated on the right side of the fairway that may attract the odd errant shot.An accurate tee shot will allow for a comfortable approach to the spacious green that is well protected by bunkers on both sides.Just make sure that you use the right club as you could be faced with a very difficult two putt for par.

Hole 2
Black380 yards
Gold368 yards
Pewter336 yards
Ivory305 yards
The second hole is another short par 4 that needs an accurate tee shot.Be aware of the stand of tall trees to the right off the teeing ground.A properly shaped shot will guide the ball to the middle of the fairway,however a line of fescue grass requires a premium on accuracy for this shorter hole.A deep bunker on the right side is in play from all three tee decks.The approach to the green also needs to be accurate as the green is elevated and slopes from back to front.Make sure that you use enough club as the green drops off into a strategically placed collection area in front and to the side of the green.The speed of your putts are very important on all of the greens at Ambassador.The breaks run true but don't leave a missed putt on the high side,you may be looking at a three putt.

Hole 3
Black507 yards
Gold497 yards
Pewter462 yards
Ivory420 yards
The third hole is a reachable par 5 if you take the risk/reward shot option.From the tee,players will see a series of large deep faced bunkers on the right side of the inviting fairway.These bunkers will eliminate all chances of getting it home in two.If the fairway is hit,a lay up shot short of the water is the smart play,but the aggressive player can go for the green in two.Be aware of the water down the entire left side of this hole.The pond also comes into play in front of the green.The green then offers its'challenges with several undulations and depth.

Hole 4
Black387 yards
Gold355 yards
Pewter301 yards
Ivory257 yards
The fourth hole is where the golf course starts to show its'teeth.This difficult par 4 from the tee is visually daunting,due to the seemingly"silver-like"landing area.This landing area visually widens out as you move forward on the teeing ground.The right side of the fairway is guarded by a large pond and bunkers,while the left side is guarded by bunkers and thick fescue grass.Proper club selection and target line are imperative to keeping your ball in play.Your approach shot must carry all the way to the green to stay aboard.A drastic drop off at the front of the green will surely take the putter out of your hands.The fourth green is quite wide,so make sure that your approach is on the correct side or you could be facing a very long first putt.

Hole 5
Black188 yards
Gold180 yards
Pewter159 yards
Ivory91 yards
The fifth hole is the shortest par 3 on the golf course.It plays from 91 yards at the forward tee to 188 yards up the hill from the championship tee.The swirling winds can really play tricks with your ball flight here.Keeping the ball down is often the shot of choice.It is a demanding hole with deep bunkers and fescue grass around the green.An errant tee shot here will make for a difficult up and down.The green has a false front,so make sure that you use enough club.With a severely sloping green from back to front,even accurate approaches can get away from you and a two putt is not always guaranteed.

Hole 6
Black489 yards
Gold459 yards
Pewter426 yards
Ivory392 yards
The sixth hole is the most difficult hole on the golf course.This par 4 plays from 329 yards to a daunting 489 yards from the championship tee.The hole is slightly uphill,but also offers a risk/reward feature to it.Fly the bunker down the left side with the prevailing wind at your back and watch your tee ball take off down the wide fairway.The hole is well guarded on both sides by fairway bunkers,fescue and thick rough.Some of your most difficult bunker shots will be experienced on this golf hole.The green is very large and has multiple tiers.Hitting the wrong tier will lead to a very difficult two putt.The green is surrounded by fescue grass to the rear and bunkers in front.A par here is a shot gained on the field.

Hole 7
Black513 yards
Gold488 yards
Pewter463 yards
Ivory367 yards
The seventh hole offers a spectacular view of the entire golf course from its'elevated tee.There is a generous landing area in the fairway from all tee's which allows your tee ball to keep rolling on down the short grass.The conservative play on your second shot is to lay up to the right of the large pond on the left.For the longer hitters,the green is accessible with two quality shots.The green is easily reached with three shots which will allow you another birdie attempt.With a multitude of undulations,the seventh green is not an easy one to putt on.Your best chance to make a putt is by staying below the hole.Even approaches that are pin high will leave you putts that have severe breaks.

Hole 8
Black189 yards
Gold177 yards
Pewter149 yards
Ivory118 yards
The eighth hole is the second of two par threes on the front side of Ambassador.Although the yardage is nearly the same as the fifth hole,the eighth also requires an accurate tee shot to the green.From 118 yards at the forward tee position to 189 yards at the back,the eighth is a great par three.The green and its'surroundings are very treacherous.If you are going to bail out it is best to do so short and left,as there is a very deep bunker to the right of the green.There is also a hazard to the right of that bunker.The undulating green slopes from back to front and requires wise club selection at the teeing ground.

Hole 9
Black463 yards
Gold439 yards
Pewter414 yards
Ivory359 yards
The ninth hole is the first in a run of spectacular par four's all measuring over 440 yards from the championship tees.Heading back towards out magnificent clubhouse,this hole is a dog leg right with a risk/reward tee shot.The ideal play here is to aim for the center of the fairway and take the bunker on the right side out of play.The aggressive player can cut off yardage by going over the bunker but they better hit it solid.The approach will be shorter,but hitting the bunker may eliminate any chance of hitting the green in regulation.The green slopes from back to front but watch out for the false front.Some creative short game shots might have to be used if you are short of the green.


Back Nine

Hole 10
Black452 yards
Gold412 yards
Pewter390 yards
Ivory364 yards
A long par four sports a looming fairway bunker on the right side.With a more than generous landing area,there is no real advantage by trying to carry the bunker.The approach to the green is one of the most difficult on the golf course.The entire left side of the green is protected by our deepest bunkers.The pin normally favours the left side.The right side is equally guarded by bunkers.Proper club selection and accuracy on your approach is of the utmost importance as the greenside bunkers make for a tough test.With the depth of the green,there can be a three club difference from the fairway.The hole normally plays into the prevailing wind.Par is a good score.

Hole 11
Black442 yards
Gold434 yards
Pewter393 yards
Ivory342 yards
The eleventh hole is a slight dogleg to the right with fairway bunkers and fescue grass waiting to swallow up your tee ball.The thick primary cut of rough makes an accurate drive in the wide fairway important to score well on this hole.The long approach to this elevated green is difficult and is complicated by more run offs in the front of the green that lead to collection areas.The green is very deep from back to front and proper club selection is required if you wish to get your approach pin high.Beware of the back left pin location.A variety of shots can be attempted around the green if you have an imagination.Par is a good score here.

Hole 12
Black467 yards
Gold437 yards
Pewter409 yards
Ivory372 yards
The twelfth is the longest in this difficult par 4 stretch.At 467 yards from the championship tee,this hole is definitely a challenge.Aiming for the center of the generous fairway off the tee is the smart play on this hole,as a fairway hit equals lots of roll.This hole offers no real short cut.The approach to the green must be accurate as the deep set bunker on the right,if hit,forces players to execute an incredible sand shot to get close to the hole.Hitting this green in two shots is a real challenge.The toughest pin location o the twelfth is in the back right quadrant of the green.There are some tricky putts on this green complex.Be careful.

Hole 13
Black551 yards
Gold543 yards
Pewter520 yards
Ivory456 yards
The fourteenth hole is a tricky par three playing from 158 yards to 237 yards from the championship tees.A large man-made lake comes into play from the left side as you try to hit the green from the elevated tee complexes.There is a bail out area to the right of the green but you must be aware of the ever changing wind conditions.The green has a large hump-back swale in the center of it making it important to be on the same side of the green as the hole.A two putt is never guaranteed.Par is a great score.

Hole 14
Black237 yards
Gold211 yards
Pewter187 yards
Ivory158 yards
The fourteenth hole is a tricky par three playing from 158 yards to 237 yards from the championship tees.A large man-made lake comes into play from the left side as you try to hit the green from the elevated tee complexes.There is a bail out area to the right of the green but you must be aware of the ever changing wind conditions.The green has a large hump-back swale in the center of it making it important to be on the same side of the green as the hole.A two putt is never guaranteed.Par is a great score.

Hole 15
Black321 yards
Gold311 yards
Pewter282 yards
Ivory244 yards
Thomas McBroom really left his mark at Ambassador on our 15th hole.Our signature hole at Ambassador is the ultimate risk/reward golf hole.A drivable Par 4!Picturesque from the tee,this dog leg left sports a continuous bunker and water running down the left side.Fairway bunkers also cascade down the right side.Looks can be deceiving from the tee as the fairway looks like a small sliver of turf in the distance.Don't worry though,there is a very generous landing area awaiting your tee shot.The tee markers are staggered from 244 yards to 321 yards.The green can be reached off the tee with a strong tee shot.This shot must carry the water from tee to green.The green has several undulations and breaks primarily from right to left towards the water.Even a short birdie putt can be treacherous.

Hole 16
Black242 yards
Gold234 yards
Pewter195 yards
Ivory166 yards
The sixteenth hole is the largest par 3 at the club.It plays from 166 yards at the Ivory markers to 242 yards(Black tees)uphill to an elevated green.The shear length of this hole can be intimidating from the tee.There is a generous fairway portion that leads up to the front of the green.Landing short of the green still gives the players a positive opportunity to get it up and down for par.The green is well surrounded with trouble in the form of deep bunkers and fescue grass.Walking to the next tee with a par on your card is a great accomplishment.

Hole 17
Black431 yards
Gold391 yards
Pewter361 yards
Ivory321 yards
The seventeenth hole is one that was designed with the idea that"What you see is what you get"in mind.The hole is right in front of you with no real shortcuts.A solid tee shot into the prevailing wind should set the player up for a straight forward approach to the green.A bunker complex is situated approximately 50 yards back from the front of the green.From further back,this complex gives the illusion that the bunkers are in front of the green.The green offers no major challenges,but make sure that you have your speed down on this fairly deep green.An Ambassador Yardage Guide always comes in handy for proper club selection.

Hole 18
Black411 yards
Gold382 yards
Pewter356 yards
Ivory310 yards
"Bringing it Home",our finishing hole requires a short carry over the creek off the tee.It seems that the ball must be carried much further than it actually is because of this naturalized area.The fairway has a very narrow look from the tee,but you should be used to this by now.This visually deceiving hole has clusters of fairway bunkers which can catch errant tee shots.Carry the bunkers down the left side and your reward will be a wedge to the green.From the center of the fairway,a normal approach will require a mid to short iron into a softly sloping green.With several natural undulations,the eighteenth green is your final test of the day.Roll one in to finish your round at Ambassador and look forward to your next visit.