"Thanks Michelle and Todd for a wonderful tournament yesterday (Forest Lake), to me, the course was immaculate! Michelle and Bill provided great partners, and we played it in less than 4 hours. I would love to play that course again. Thanks for a great organization, The BGT, that you two make happen!"

~ Tom Gralinski

"I would like to say you and Todd are running a 1st class operation here with the tour!  I love how it's run, the people are great and the competition and courses are wonderful!"

~ David Weems

"Thank You again for the great year, your efforts and fine organization skills are talked about frequently & are appreciated through out the group.
Take Care & have a great off season."

~ Ken Jones

"Thanks again to you and Todd for a very fun season!  I appreciate all you both do."

~ Sam Fauser

"I just want to say that it was an enjoyable time participating on the Bogey Golf Tour this year. It was very well run and a lot of fun at every event (despite poor golf lol). I wish you all the best with the tour in the future."

~ Darrin and Henry Dielemans

"Thanks to you and Michelle for organizing such a great event. I really enjoyed my first year as a member of the Bogey Golf Tour...looking forward to next year!!!"

~ Jeff Curtis

"I had a great time yesterday.  The people I have met in your tour are Golfers. Not all people that play Golf are Golfers. Great group of players. That goes for You and Michelle as well.  Hope to see you again soon."

~ Stephen Kurtz

"Just wanted to send you a quick message, the new website is great! Really cool to see all your scores from the tournaments! Thanks for making the Bogey tour even better and thanks for all you guys do every week!"

~ David Hitchen

"I have organized a lot of golf tournaments over the years and I would like to thank you and Michelle for the great job you do, EVERY WEEK.  I realize the time and effort it takes, behind the scenes to be successful and you two have a great skill, and it is noticed and appreciated."

~ Rico (Rick Tonial)

"Looking forward to the 2013 season!!!! Thanks again for all you and Michelle do.  This is really a great time!."
~ Sam Fauser

"Thanks for a great year of events! I look forward to next year."
~ Russ Arbuthnot

"Dear Todd and Michelle;

We received your thoughtful note, along with the cheque as a result from the funds raised at your tournament.  Thank you so much for your wonderful support in honour of your daughter.  It’s so awesome that you were able to support not only our Southwestern Ontario chapter, but also the Michigan Chapter.  We sincerely appreciate it. Best Wishes"
~ Lori Quick, Executive Director Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Southwestern Ontario

"Thanx for all your hard work in making the Bogey Golf Tour the success that it is. As a member I appreciate all you do to make these events as fun and special as they can be. See ya next year!"
~ Mike LaPlante

"Hey Todd, Just wanted to say thanks again to you and Michelle for all your hard work this year. I had a great time on the tour, take care and I'll see ya next year"
~ Keith Rounds

"Thank you for a fun year. I think you both do a great job with the tour. Have a great winter. See you again next year."
~ Jeff Heath

"Thanks for a great year I had alot of fun. I appreciate all the work you guys do to put on these tournaments."
~ Dave Hitchen

"Thanks for the wonderful year. I thoroughly enjoyed the BGT golfing, met great people. You and Michelle did a wonderful job in organizing the tournaments and posting all the tournaments stats in a timely manner and in a user-friendly way on the BGT website. I can really appreciate all the hard work behind the scene you and Michelle put in running BGT in a very professional way. Keep up the great work!! See you next year."
~ Ramesh Gowda

"Todd is a great owner and director of the Bogey Golf Tour. With the help of his wife Michelle, they produce and execute the most exciting golf league that can rival any others. Keep up the good work, cant wait to start the next season"
~ Matthew Souchuk

“As a first time sponsor of the Bogey Golf Tour I was very pleased. Todd went out of his way to personal introduce me to every member. The money spent on sponsoring was made back several times with the networking connections made through Todd. I would highly recommend the Bogey Golf Tour for any person looking to grow in their business and who likes to play golf! Thanks again Todd (and Michelle).”
~ Domenico Paonessa - Owner / Dentist at Paonessa Dentistry Professional Corporation

“I want thank you and Michelle for a great time this year on the Bogey Golf Tour. You both did a great job. I hope to play even more events next year. I have talked my brother into joining next year as well.”
~ Jeff Heath

“Mike, I really enjoyed the London Tour....keep up the good work and Don and I will be back next year.”
~ Will Chisholm

“Thanks Todd, I will definitely be back and will try and get others to join. This league was very enjoyable for me,  looking forward to next year.”

~ Brenda Couch

“Hey Todd many thanks to you and Michelle for organizing and creating the bogey golf tour!!!  It’s a great way for our family to participate in something fun and exciting!!  It gives us a chance to relax, enjoy life, and see each other, in what is otherwise a hurried lifestyle.”
~ John Couch

“Thanks to you and Michelle for all your hard work throughout the year you guys do a great job and everyone I talk to about the tour all have great things to say about it and how you guys run things. Keep it up, it does not go unnoticed.”
~ Brad Batten

“I would like to thank you guys for a great year of golf, I had a blast you guys did a great job and you will defiantly see me again next year. thanks again and talk to you soon.”
~ Wayne Parent

“Thank-you for another fun year.”
~ Brad Wiseman

“Thanks - I had a great time playing on the Bogey Golf Tour this year!!”
~ Kelly Platt

“I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a fun tour,”
~ Brian Marchand

"Just a quick follow-up to let you know some thoughts on my first BGT event: first, the set up/organization was excellent second, the shot gun format worked well...we barely waited and never for more than five minutes third, the round time (5 hours) was acceptable given the tournament play. Thanks”
~ Rob Way

“Todd, you and Michelle did a fabulous job yesterday at the tournament...kudos and a BIG thanks from all of us at Windsor St Clair Rotary...we really miss you in the club big guy...I know Rotary will always be in your heart...it was an emotional day remembering our great friend Nijola...she was looking down on us and smiling for sure...I could feel her presence.  Thanks again for everything you both do in our community. It is very appreciated.”
~ Arnie Charlton

“Excellent tournament and at the start I liked that everyone was asked to remain at the club and get a rundown on the rules and play – quite professional if you ask me.”
~ Victor Ferranti

“Thank you to you and Michelle for organizing and running all of these events so far I am having a blast. I am kicking myself for not joining the past years.”
~ Tom Beausoleil

“I want to extend my gratitude for all the excellent organization you've displayed, although the weather didn't help as far as scoring but I think everybody had fun, thanks to your tremendous effort.”
~ Daniel Yazbek

“I have to tell you as a rookie this year, I had a blast playing in every event. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of new golfers and all of them have been a pleasure to play golf with.  Both you Todd and Michelle I know must put in quite a bit of time in preparation for all the tournaments and it shows by how organized every event has been. Also, when I have shown other people the web site, they have been very impressed. I will certainly try to encourage new golfers to join the tour for next year.”
~ Gary Brown

“I would just like to thank you for a fantastic year.  I enjoyed myself every time out. The two of you do a great job putting together this tour for all of us.  I am already looking forward to next season.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.”
~ Colin Land

“I just wanted to say I had a really fun time this year playing on tour at first I was hesitant to join but I had a lot of fun playing and met some nice people too.  Also I’d like to say thank you for all the time and effort you both put into running the tour I have run ball teams and organized things and I know the time and effort that goes into planning events and teams and to put on 14 events is very time consuming so I would like just to say thank you for doing it.  I really do appreciate it.”
~ Patrick Lesinky

“You and Michelle did a wonderful job this year running the tour.  Thanks”
~ Gilles Parent

“I want to thank Michelle and you for all the organizing and work behind the scenes you did. I appreciate it very much as I know it is a ton of work. Well done and hope to see you guys next year.”
~ Harry Vanden Broek

“I would like to personally thank-you for your great organizational skills and an overall great job running the BGT and I truly appreciate all your efforts. I wish I could have made more events..Hopefully next year!!”
~ Bonnie, Jack and Jim Larmond


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